To crop an image means to remove part of it. Photographs of artwork normally require cropping to remove the edges of the photograph which contain the frame and/or any background.

domain name

This is the text name corresponding to the address of a computer on the Internet. A domain name must be unique. Internet users access your website using your domain name. E.g. or

email accounts and addresses

Addresses to which your electronic mail messages can be sent to. E.g.


Your web site has to be hosted, or stored, on a computer (an http server) that is permanently connected to the Internet so that it can be seen by anyone connected to the Internet at any time.


These are links to other parts of the internet such as other pages on your website or other websites. They are normally underlined to make them easier to identify. Clicking on a website hyperlink will automatically transfer you to that website.


Only registered users can access certain areas of the Websites for Artists website. In order to identify whether a user has registered, they have to login by entering the username and password given to them when they registered. 


This term is used to describe the uploading of web pages onto the web server, thus making them available to others  to see on the Internet.


This involves you notifying us of certain details so that you can be given a username and password which will give you access to those areas of the Websites for Artists website that are only accessible to registered users. Note that users who have registered for a free 14 day trial only have access to a sample of the web pages available.


Amending the level of detail that an image is stored at.


The level of detail of an image, such as the number of dots per inch that are displayed.

search engines

People use these to search for websites containing particular content. They enter a search string and the search engine will list relevant websites. E.g. Google and Yahoo.


Some internet users send out unsolicited junk email messages to email addresses that they find on the internet, typically to advertise their own products. This is known as SPAM.


These are small versions of images


This is a name given to uniquely identify a user of a system.  You will be assigned a unique username when you register with us.