Website Examples

Below are some examples of Websitesforartists websites.

Most have been set up by the individual artists themselves, but some have been set up for the artist by Websitesforartists.

Trinidad Ball

Le Bouton Rouge

Lillian Delevoryas

Susan Marsh

Colin Turner

C. Morey de Morand

Artemis Arts


Lawrence Buttigieg

Hannah Turner

Neil Pittaway

John Field

Mike Hoggett

Chrissy Collins

Amanda Challoner

Lesley Barnes

Maggie Jablonska

Vivienne Blakeley-Glover

Mai Smith

Gina Morton

Elizabeth Tarr

Bob Dellar

Marijkea Booth

Ann Wallace

Sharona Lucas

John MacAulay

Jules Hoare

Roy Benzies Art

Rob Wilkinson

Caroline Cary

Jo Hodgen

Ingeborg Neale

Stewart Ganley

Olivia Chalmers

Robert Lee Wade

Roland Lawar

Lady Ena Russell

Elly Wright

Alan Humphries

Susan Absolon

Chris Haydon

Brian Deighton

In Search of the Garden - Rebecca Robinson

Peter Brimelow

Dartmoor Artist Rosemary Bonney

Denise Orchard

Marlene Snee

Belinda Bailey

Caroline Barker



Website pages that are provided


 There are two types of page you can have on your website Gallery pages and Text pages.

Note that all the images on your website will be thumbnails that can be enlarged by clicking on the thumbnail.


Text Pages


Typical text (or information) pages that are included on the artistsí websites are a Home page, Biography page and Contents page. A standard website can have up to 5 information pages, although is it possible to have up to 30 information pages. Text pages consist of up to 3 images and unlimited lines of text.


Note that the style chosen for the Home page will be the same style used for the remaining pages. You can choose the colour of the header at the top of the screen and the background.


Style 1 - Horizontal header and vertical images



Style 2 - Horizontal header and horizontal images



Style 3 - Vertical header and horizontal images


Gallery Pages


A standard website will have up to 10 gallery pages, although it is possible to have up to 30 gallery pages. Each gallery page can have up to 12 images on it. There are two types of gallery page.


Gallery Type 1 - Images displayed in a table



Gallery Type 2 - Images displayed as a scrolling slideshow