Frequently asked Questions

How can I insert a link on to my website

To insert a link to an email address is very similar to inserting a normal link:

- When you are in the editor you click on the icon that is a globe with sunglasses

- in the Type field you select "mailto:" (for a normal link you would leave it blank or select http://)

- then you type the address in the address field e.g.  (for an email link) or for a website link

- and click save.


Why can’t I see my amended pages on my website?

When you make changes to your website they will need to be published, so that others can see them. This is done by clicking on the <Publish My Website> button at the bottom of the Website Maintenance screen. You may also need to refresh the screen to be able to see the changes (as some computers store copies of recently viewed web pages on their hard drive). On most browsers you refresh a page by pressing the F5 key or clicking on the refresh button at the top of the screen.


How can I get more visitors to my website

·         We design our websites so that they have the best chance of being picked up by search engines. These days search engines mainly look at the page content. So it is worth considering this when deciding what you type on your pages (particularly the home page).

·         Also by being included on our examples page our artists are usually at the top of the first page if you go into Google and type their name. You can try it out by selecting artists from our examples page

·         If you would like to be found using other types of search (such as art, artists, paintings etc), then there is no way to guarantee this as there are so many websites on the internet. But one thing that may be worth trying out is using Google Adwords. Because from the feedback we’ve had, they do seem to be reasonably effective, and you only pay for the number of actual visits to your site. See link

·         There are also a number of websites where you can advertise your website, quite often for free, so this may also help. We do not have any we recommend but if you search for them using Google hopefully you can find some.

·         We would also recommend having business cards made up with your website address on them and giving them out whenever possible, and at any exhibitions you do etc. Also when exhibiting, if possible have your website displayed on the exhibition promotional material and website, particularly for artist led exhibitions like open studios and Art Fairs.


Can I see statistics on visitors to my website

If you’d like to see who is visiting your site we can provide you with access to an analysis package called Awstats as an optional extra. It gives a number of graphs and statistics about who’s accessed your site, when they’ve accessed it, which pages they’ve visited and so on.