Standard Website - £50 per year, plus an initial setup fee of £80 in the first year. - This price includes the following:

  • Provision of a website based on one of the Standard Website templates

  • 12 gallery pages plus 5 information pages

  • Over 120 images

  • Unlimited updates

  • We will register and host a UK domain name* chosen by you (e.g.

  • We can also provide up to three email addresses that will be forwarded to your own email account.


Optional Extras**

  • For £60 you can have a much larger website with 30 gallery pages and 30 information pages (over 360 images in total). The Gallery pages would be on two menus and each would have up to 15 gallery pages on it. For example has split her gallery in to current work which is on the “Gallery” Menu and older work which is on the “History” menu.

  • For £20 you can sell the work that is on your website via PayPal. For an example see  and click on an image. ***

  • For £20 we can provide you with a statistics package called Awstats. It gives a number of graphs and statistics about who has accessed your site, when they’ve accessed it, which pages they’ve visited and so on


Money-Back Guarantee

Because of the overwhelmingly positive responsive we have received from our clients we feel happy to offer a money-back guarantee. So if in the end you are not completely happy with your website, we will refund your money, provided you let us know within 3 weeks of paying for your website.


Future Updates

Most artists like to carry out their own changes, for convenience and because it is free. However, we can do this for you if you prefer. This would involve you sending your changes (i.e. text and images) to us electronically, either via email or disc.

  • Allow 3 days, although it normally only takes one day

  • We charge £5 per page and £5 per image. There is a minimum charge of £20. If many updates are being carried out at once there will be a discount. The amount will depend on how many changes there are. 


* Registration of a non UK domain name will cost an additional £10 per year

** The Optional Extras charges are a one-off fee and do not affect the yearly renewal charge of £50 per year (£60 for a .com)

*** You would need to set up your own PayPal account if you do not have one already (this should take only a few minutes – We can email the details if you need). Then to make a picture available for sale, you would edit its image details and click the box which says "Available for sale online" and state how much the work costs and the postage.